projekt anamorph

The Project

concept & organization:
Zurich (Switzerland), 2024 - 2025

salt lake city (Utah, usa), april 2024
zurich (switzerland), 2024-2025

fall 2025

The Story

The goal is the movie adaptation of the short story “Die Wanderung” from 2018.

This story is the first in a collection of “ZEHN GESCHICHTEN AUS ZEHN JAHREN"
from the book “die wahrheit über das lügen” by German author Benedict Wells
(Diogenes Verlag AG; 1st edition July 22, 2020).

Anamorphic lenses will be used for filming.

The project is divided into three phases:

Phase I

Since anamorphic lenses are a new to my technical equipment, the first phase of the project is to develop the necessary practical know-how with them. 
For this purpose, a music video for an existing song is to be created as an artistic product.
This is to be carried out using both anamorphic and spherical lenses so that a practical comparison of the results is possible.

Phase II

In the second phase, the audio part will be developed. 
In addition to the technology, actors with spoken texts are to be introduced for the first time and corresponding insights gained.

Phase III

The third phase is the realization of the movie itself. 
The script for the adaptation of the  movie is the central element and determines the detailed planning for the actual recordings.

The ModelS & The videos


Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
April 22, 2024


Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
April 27 & 28, 2024